The International Medical Doctor Program at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University has been designed to foster a new kind of doctor. This doctor will possess the necessary human, cultural and professional values to provide healthcare and share ideas in today’s globalized world.

Why Study Medicine at San Raffaele?

Vita-Salute is one of  the top-ranking universities in Italy for research and teaching;  it is well known in Italy and in Europe for research on  Cancer, Urology, Cardiovascular diseases and cardiac surgery, HIV/AIDS, Rare diseases, Preclinical and Human Biological Sciences.  This means that students  have the unique possibility of studying and living in an exciting environment where breakthroughs are made every day in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions.

The 1300 bed hospital in Milan is both a private and a public hospital, which means that you’ll get the chance to see a wide range of patients with everyday diseases or sometimes neglected or even rare genetic pathologies. Don’t forget that Lombardy is one of the richest regions in Europe and Milan is at its very heart.

Classes are smaller compared to the majority of medical schools which will increase student-teacher interaction and productivity.

From the 3rd year we operate an innovative integrated ‘block’  curriculum, which means that you will always be at the center of the teaching process. You will work in groups with other students to set your own learning goals. This approach encourages pro-active learning, creative thinking and teamwork.
You will re-visit topics from your first two years in the fourth and fifth years both in class and by sitting mock  licensure exams. The second semester of the sixth year is free from lessons and exams, allowing you to concentrate entirely on your Thesis Internship and  to do part of it abroad. This gives you the possibility of getting to know foreign institutions where you might want to continue with your specialization training.

The medical school, research institute and hospital at San Raffaele in Milan all boast state-of-the-art facilities and are located on the same premises, allowing for unsurpassed interaction. Medical students can also use the facilities on the Campus, giving them the chance to meet other students studying subjects such as Nursing, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Biotechnology and Philosophy.

But it’s not all work! At Vita-Salute you will find clubs to join, cultural activities to follow, music bands, sports activities such as football, basketball, cheer leading and many others. The clubs organize nights out and you will be able to meet students from other faculties and universities in Milan.

Finally, we pride ourselves on being a large family. Our students are very sociable and are committed to the local and International community.

Presidente del Corso di Laurea Magistrale Prof. Claudio Doglioni

Vita-Salute San Raffaele University’s mission is to prepare its graduates to best serve society and mankind.

In accordance with the highest professional standards in Europe and the USA, our future clinicians will practice patient-centered medicine of the highest standards.

We pursue academic excellence, bestowing upon tomorrow’s doctors not only the best possible evidence-based clinical care whilst installing the art of medicine itself.
We believe that a patient should be treated as a whole: mind, body and soul, not just as a mere illness.

The School of Medicine is not alone in this endeavour: Vita-Salute San Raffaele University has both a School of Psychology and Philosophy that not only enrich the study environment, but work together to reach this goal and answer the question: Quid est homo? (What is Man?)

Dean’s Welcome

“Go, teach and heal!” That is our mission at the San Raffaele School of Medicine; a progressive urban institute of medical education, clinical practice and research. We attract talented teachers and students,
who have made and will make important contributions to human health and welfare across the globe.
Known for its excellence and innovation, the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University (founded in 1996) will continue to make it’s mark. Our second decade is fast becoming an era of expansion and development. We are attracting nationally and internationally known faculty at an unprecedented rate, along with pre-graduate students, post-graduate students and residents of exceptional quality. We are expanding our portfolio of world-class interdisciplinary clinical and research centres (Urology, Oncology, Genetics, Cardiovascular Medicine, as well as others). We have unveiled a new curriculum that will further enhance our reputation to producing graduates with superior clinical skills. We have recently inaugurated a new purpose-built University building, which delivers state-of-the-art teaching facilities. The teaching and practice of humanistic medicine is central to San Raffaele’s mission. We are recognized as providers of exceptional primary care, as well as of tertiary and quaternary services that attract patients, faculty and students from near and far. Our campus includes a School of Psychology, a School of Philosophy, a College for Allied Health Professions, an Internationally recognized Research Institute, a Science Park and a 1,300 bed hospital in Milan: all of this on the same site. San Raffaele is in constant expansion and is building other hospitals in Italy, namely Taranto in the Apulia region, Cefalu in Sicily and Olbia in Sardinia. San Raffaele is also present abroad with a hospital in Brazil and an NGO, AISPO, that provides quality healthcare services to countries like Uganda, Brazil, India, and Afghanistan, to name just a few.   San Raffaele graduates are well-known for their abilities, compassion and professional skills; they secure residencies in top programs across the globe, and many of our alumni work in academia, clinical practice, industry and public services.  As Dean, it is my privilege to steward this mission. I wish you every success in fulfilling your dream to study Medicine at our University.

Prof. Massimo Clementi
Dean of Medicine
Vita-Salute San Raffaele University

The MD program at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University enjoys recognition from the World Health Organization, the British General Medical Council and by the US Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG®).

The key features that make the International MD Program unique are:

Thirteen ECTS credits  – devoted to the Humanities: philosophy, ethics, human sciences, philosophy of science and language and communication skills are studied for preparing a new doctor that has the cultural and professional background needed in today’s globalized world.

Assessment of knowledge acquisition with the collaboration of an external, independent third-party: this allows thorough assessment of student preparation as well as measuring teaching efficacy based on reliable international benchmarks;

International electives and training activities abroad: the curriculum has been designed to allow students to complete the American licensing examinations USMLE step 1 and 2 in the correct timing and to spend part of their final year abroad taking part to international electives and pre-residency programs.

Small classes: a select and limited number of students are admitted each year following an entrance test based on analytical and logical skills.  Students from diverse backgrounds, from all over the world, easily become part of the multicultural environment of San Raffaele.

English is the official language for all lessons, practical activities and examinations: italian language courses are organized during the first years to foreign students in order to enable interaction with patients during the clinical years.

Students in San Raffaele study in an exciting environment, where breakthroughs are being made every day in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions. The medical school, research institute and hospital at San Raffaele  all boast state-of-the-art facilities allowing for unsurpassed interaction.

A Global Network:Vita-Salute San Raffaele is part of the GHLO®, Global Health Learning Opportunities,   a program of the AAMC – American Association of Medical Colleges that facilitates clinical, global health, and research elective rotations for medical students.

UniSR Medical Students can search and apply for electives all over the world and benefit from the opportunities offered by the network of collaborating institutions.
Click here for more information on the GHLO® Collaborative

The curriculum of the San Raffaele International MD Program is a solid but innovative curriculum based on two initial preclinical years which take a solid in-depth look at the basic-sciences needed for the medical profession, as well as at the human sciences required to develop an effective doctor-patient relationship.
The preclinical years are followed by three clinical years which aim to develop articulate medical skills both at theoretical and practical level. The sixth, and final, year will be entirely dedicated to the preparation of a thesis and to the acquisition of specialist notions that will facilitate access to residencies and post-graduate programs.
A personalized curriculum: in addition to the core subjects, students will be able to personalize their academic careers choosing from a wide range of  tailored activities and insights
English is the official language for lessons, practical activities and exams. Italian language courses will be organized during the first years both to facilitate every day life in Italy and also to enable interaction with patients during the clinical years.
The total number of credits for the six- year medical degree  course is 360 which are organized according to the IMDP General Study Plan.

Click here to acces the MD Program Student Guide AY 2018/2019

or here below to access the MD Program 2018.2019 Student Guide in detail:

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6



Lessons and Exam scheduling: The Academic year begins on the first days of October and ends on the 30th of September.
During the first two years there is a distinction between lesson period and exam period and the academic year is organized in two semesters;
The 1st semester begins in October and ends in January with the Christmas break in December. The month of February is entirely dedicated to exams (Winter exam session)
The 2nd semester begins in March and ends in June.
The months of July and September are dedicated to exams (Summer and Autumn exam session)
The Summer break is in August when there is no academic activity going on within the University.

Lessons normally begin at 9 am and end at 4 or 6 pm according to the different subjects and to possible laboratories or practical activities. Lunch break is from 1 to 2 pm. Full time attendance is requested.

From the 3rd year the lessons are structured in ‘blocks’ which means that the students concentrate on one subject at a time, therefore the semester division and exam sessions are not so strictly defined as in the first 2 years. After each ‘block’ of lessons the students have a week’s study leave and then they sit for the exam before passing on to the next block.

For each subject there can be up to 5 exam dates spread over and during the various exam sessions (for example, 2 in February, 2 in July and 1 in September). Some subjects may require mid-term exams as well.

The Italian system of evaluation goes from 18 points to 30 cum laude, where 18 means pass and 30 cum laude corresponds to honours.

Candidates must make sure they have the correct documents for enrolling should they pass selection: The minimum academic requirement for enrolling to a medical degree course in Italy, is to possess a high school diploma and at least 12 years of education. Download the official indications of the Italian Ministry of University concerning foreign titles.
Non Italian high school certificates must be translated and legalized  by the Italian Consulate/ Italian Cultural Centre who gives the final Declaration of Validity of the title called Dichiarazione di Valore (DV).
Without this document the University cannot accept enrolment even if the student has passed selection so, if you have any doubt, please verify you meet the requirements with your local Italian Diplomatic Authority.

An English Language Certification corresponding to C1 level is required for enrolling in addition to the High School Certificate. Only students who have studied in English taught schools/university courses for the two years prior enrolment are exempted from handing the certificate. The C1 Level certificate must be issued by a recognized Institution ( such as the British Council, Trinity College, ETS, Pearsons, etc. Declarations from schools/ professors will not be accepted.

Students must acknowledge it is their responsibility to request  translations, legalizations and the Study Visa from their Italian local authorities. If they sit for the admission test and gain admittance but do not meet the requirements set by the MIUR – the Italian Ministry of University and Research- concerning high school diplomas, the Consulate will not issue the final Dichiarazione di Valore (and the Study Visa ) and they  will not be able to enrol.

US High School diplomas:

Students with US High School diplomas must have at least 3 Advance Placement Studies – APs – in subjects which are pertinent to the course they are going to study (in our case, scientific subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths). Credits in scientific subjects needed for the DV can also be obtained from college or University transcripts and specifically in case of:

  • High School diploma with four Advanced Placement (APs) in subjects different from the chosen course of studies, followed by one academic year completed in a College.
  • High School diploma followed by two academic years completed in a College. Credits are valid even if obtained after the High School Diploma in an academic institution in a different country (they must be evaluated locally) provided that the study course was at least one full academic year.

US students should verify with their local Italian Consulate if they meet the requirements for obtaining the Dichiarazione di Valore prior to registration.

International Baccalaureate:

IB diplomas comingfrom schools which are hereby listed (point n° 7):  LIST OF RECOGNIZED FOREIGN SCHOOLS do not need the Dichiarazione di valore since the Schools are already recognized by the Italian Ministry. If your school is not among those listed you must request the Dichiarazione di Valore of your certificate.

UK Advanced level Examinations:

Students must have minimum 3 A-Levels in order to be eligible for enrolment. The A-Level subjects should be pertinent to the degree course for which you are applying.

Less than 12 Years of Education:

Students coming from countries where education lasts less than 12 years must integrate the missing years by:

  • presenting a University certificate indicating they have passed all the first year exams of the University course they are enrolled in if they are missing only 1 year.
  • presenting a University certificate indicating they have passed all the exams of the first 2 years of their course if they are missing 2 years.

All the certifications have to be translated and legalized by the Italian Consulate to obtain the final DV.

English Language Requirements

In order to be eligible for enrolment once admitted, students must also possess an official English Language Certification corresponding to the C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference  – CEFR 

Students who have studied entirely in the means of the English Language in their High School or University/College for minimum the two years preceding enrolment, are exempted from presenting the  English Language certification.
Students must organize in order to obtain the certificate in time for enrolment. Without it, enrolment will not be possible.  English language  courses  attended in University are not considered an official English Language certification and will not be accepted  as such.

Please remember that although the English Language Certification is not necessary for registering to or taking the admission test  it is a requirement which must be met for enrolment.

Some links for information on the most common certifications.

British Council Milan 

Admissions – general information

Selection  is based on the university’s admission test which is mandatory for all candidates.
The admission test for the International MD Program is a specific test organized by UniSR and is for admission only to the International MD Program. No other tests/exams/scores can substitute the university’s selection procedure.

For each admission test, an official regulation and competition call is published.  The competition regulation contains all the information on the selection procedure and on enrolment to the upcoming academic year.
The competition for admittance to the International MD Program considers a distinction between two quota: European Citizens and  Non-European Citizens. Each quota participates to the dedicated competition and admission test.

Candidates participating to the tests  are ranked according to the score they obtain and the best performing are admitted according to the number of places available or each quota and to the procedures indicated  in the regulations.
Only the admission test score is taken into consideration for the making of the final ranking lists and for determining the admittance of a candidate to the International MD Program.

The University does not request CVs, High school/ University or language certifications for sitting the admission test. The High School/ University diploma will be presented for enrolment.

Upon enrolment, an English Language Certification corresponding to C1 level is requested in addition to the High School diploma. Only students who have studied in English taught schools/university courses for the two years prior enrolment are exempted from handing in the certificate.

The C1 Level certificate must be issued by a recognized entity (such as the British Council, Trinity College, ETS, Pearsons, etc). Declarations from schools/ professors will not be accepted as substitutes of the certificate. Enrolment requests from admitted candidates  who do not present the English Language Certificate will not be accepted.

Please acknowledge  that all foreign (non-Italian) school titles and diplomas must have the necessary translations and Declaration of Validity at the time of enrolment.

Students with foriegn titles must contact their local Italian Consulate in order to receive the necessary instructions and documentation for going through the VISA pre-enrolment procedure. The International Office is available for help and guidance for the Study Visa request.


Non-European Citizens registration closed
This quota includes only Non-European Citizens. It does not include non-Eu Citizens who already live in Italy, or non-EU Citizens with double citizenship one of which is Italian or European.
It does not include Citizens from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the Republic of San Marino. (Ministerial Prot. N° 7802 of March 24, 2015). These candidates compete for the EU competition.

The Admission test for the International MD Program 2019.2020 reserved to Non EU Citizens was held on March 28,  2019.
Registration to the admission test reserved to Non- EU Citizens closed on march 14.
Regulation. International MD Program_2019.2020_non EU admission test

Participants can click here view the ranking lists

The portal for the online review of the test is activated: Candidates can review their own tests and see the details of the correct and incorrect answers: COMPUTERIZED SYSTEM FOR THE ONLINE REVIEW Personal, confidential credentials for access to the portal (PIN and Code) were delivered before the test.

For enquiries on the non – EU admissions, publishing of ranking lists and information on enrolment or documents please contact

European Citizens – Applications for 2019.2020 are closed
The European quota includes: EU Citizens, non-European citizens already residing in Italy, Citizens from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the Republic of San Marino (Ministerial Prot. N° 7802 of March 24, 2015).
The Admission test for the International MD Program reserved to EU Citizens was held on March 2, 5 & 9 in Milan
The specific competition call with all information on registration deadlines, fees, requirements and enrolment information is available here: (ITA) Bando di concorso Cittadini Europei IMDP 2019.2020  (IMD EU-Citizens toggle)
(ENG) Call for admission EU Citizens IMDP 2019.2020
Registration to the admission test reserved to EU Citizens closed on February 20, 2019. The link for candidates who have already registered is available on this page: 

For enquiries on the Italian and EU Citizens’ test, publishing of ranking lists and information on enrolment, please contact

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Tutti gli eventi, le news, i seminari ed i congressi in programma.